La Ronge Mayor Thomas Sierzycki says there is no fire threat to Town of La Ronge at this time although fire conditions are extreme.

A health advisory continues for the area because of heavy smoke in the air.

English Bay, Sucker River, Lamp Lake and Wadin Bay remain evacuated.

The Egg Fire, which has now joined the Clarke Fire, is still 12 km away from La Ronge.

A cut line is being put in around the communities to provide opportunities for back burning if the need arises.

In the La Ronge area, people vulnerable to the smoke who would like to be evacuated are asked to go to the JRMCC hall today.

Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson says transportation is being arranged to take people to Regina.

People in the Sikachu Lake and Clam Lake Bridge areas with health concerns are also being moved out again.

The chief says the smoke in those two communities is thicker than it is in La Ronge today.

Efforts to move people out of Little Red River reserve also continue with around 160 people expected to leave because for health concerns.

Cook-Searson says for band members who were transported to Saskatoon and Prince Albert, the working out of some details continues.

Because of road closures, the band has been working with the Ministry of Highways to get buses moving south today.