Former FSIN chief Guy Lonechild says he is “seriously considering” a political comeback.

The FSIN holds its next chief election this fall, and Lonechild is hinting he plans to be one of the candidates.

“It’s been about four years now and I’ve had some time to contemplate and think about what kind of went wrong back in 2011,” he says.  “I’ve learned a lot about myself. I learned a lot about the organization and the type of leadership that is required there. So I’m seriously contemplating coming back in October.”

Lonechild resigned as chief of the FSIN in August of 2011 after accepting a confidential severance package.

He began getting pressure to resign when it was learned he was charged with drunk driving just before he was elected to office.

Former Meadow Lake Tribal Council chief Helen Ben is the only declared candidate for this fall’s FSIN chief election so far.