The Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism says they it is “outraged” over a provincial court’s decision involving a Regina police officer.

A video, released by the court on Friday, shows parts of the incident where Cst. Robert Power kicked a homeless man two years ago.

Power was originally found guilty of assault for the incident, but that conviction was overturned by a Queen’s Bench justice in November of last year.

SCAR spokesperson Bob Hughes say Power’s actions “were absolutely unacceptable” and the court made the wrong decision.

“An officer that shows that kind of unnecessary aggression we fear what they might do in a dark alley,” said Hughes.

Hughes says he has been working as a mental health and addictions worker and has never felt the need to kick someone.

“Those actions show a complete lack of regard for the victim’s well-being and are in strong contrast to the victim’s concern for the family of the officer in asking that he not be fired,” said Hughes.  “The statement of a Q.B. Court judge, ‘that the lower court had not taken into account the law as it applies to self defense’, would be laughable in this case if it wasn’t so outrageous.”

However, Hughes is hoping the incident will lead to positive change for police procedures and further discussion about police abuse and accountability.

Crown prosecutors said they plan to appeal the judge’s decision to overturn the conviction.