Another First Nations man has been elected as the president of the University of Saskatchewan Students Union.

Jack Saddleback, who had recently served the USSU as vice president was voted in last night with 47 percent of the vote. He says he is humbled to be the second consecutive First Nations man to win the election.

“It’s really awesome to know the University of Saskatchewan student body is very progressive and we see that there are opportunities for all students regardless of their ethnic background to go forward an lead some change.”

Saddleback says he will continue to be an advocate for mental health, along with gender and sexual diversity issues.

“I’ve always been an advocate for people to celebrate all aspects of themselves…I myself am not just First Nations, I am not just a gay man and I am not just a transgender man, I can’t celebrate one without celebrating them all,” said the newly elected president. “What I advocate for is that regardless of your sexual identity or your gender identity you should be able to celebrate your whole being.”

Saddleback is from Samson Cree Nation in Alberta.

He succeeds current USSU president Max Fineday who will be graduating at the end of the semester.