A La Ronge mother is hoping to give back to Ronald McDonald House after the Saskatoon charity helped her family first.

Amber Buxton is organizing the fundraising effort “Arya’s Gift” to give back to the charity.

Amber’s daughter Arya was born prematurely and she and her husband were able to stay at Ronald McDonald House while Arya was in the hospital.

The grateful mother says the charity does so much to help families in need.

“It’s kind of my personal way of giving back, to say ‘Thank-you’ for everything they did for us and for all the other families that were staying at the house,” she said.

Amber says it would have been difficult for them to be close to Arya without the charity.

“I wasn’t working, obviously, and my husband is in college,” she said. “We have a limited income. If you look at your average hotel, it’s about $140 a night. Ronald McDonald House offers you a room for your whole family, and the cost is $10 a night. That’s quite substantial.”

People can donate directly to effort by e-mailing aryasgift@gmail.com.

All proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House in Saskatoon.