*** An earlier version of this story indicated Clarke was a former member of the band “New Horizon”.  MBC has since learned that is NOT the case and wishes to offer its deepest apologies to New Horizon and its fans. ***


A Buffalo Narrows man has been found guilty of sexual assault in relation to an incident in North Battleford earlier this year.

Randy Joseph Clarke received the verdict for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

During the sentencing hearing in North Battleford this morning, the Crown and defence made their arguments for the severity of the sentence.

The Crown argued for a four-year prison sentence based on the age of the victim and the criminal history of the accused.

The defence asked for a lesser sentence because Clarke’s criminal history as not involved any sexual offenses and because this crime was not forceful in nature.

Clarke also had a chance to speak to the courtroom.

He tearfully apologized for the actions and showed remorse for what this incident has done to his family name.

Clarke also said he was misled on the age of the victim.

The judge is expected hand down a sentence on Monday.