A sentencing hearing for a teen who admitted taking part in a vicious double murder on the Standing Buffalo First Nation two years ago has been adjourned until February 9th to allow for psychological testing.

Both the Crown and defence have requested a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder assessment to determine the 19-year-old’s mental functioning level.

More witnesses, including the teen, will also be called to testify when the hearing resumes.

At least another four days has been set aside to review evidence and hear closing arguments.

Central to this case is whether the youth should be sentenced as a young offender where he would face a maximum of four years in closed custody followed by three years of community supervision — or as an adult where he would get an automatic life term with no chance of parole for at least seven years.

The brutality of the crime was laid out by prosecutors this week through autopsy reports, witness statements, police interviews and gruesome photos.

The victims were stabbed dozens of times and were bludgeoned to death with the lid of a toilet tank.  Evidence indicated the teen was the primary attacker against Sheldon Yuzicappi, who was stabbed 18 times and had the blades of two knives broken off inside him.

The other victim, Jessica Redman, was stabbed 36 times.

The home invasion double murder took place in October of 2012, just three months before the teen’s 18th birthday.

The youth has already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Two adults involved in the crime also pleaded guilty and were sentenced earlier this month.

Brittany Bear was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years, while her cousin Kody Bear got life with no chance of parole for 18 years.

The attack was organized by Brittany Bear who had a grudge against Jessica Redman.