An ongoing commemorative art project that honours missing and murdered Indigenous women has come to Saskatoon.

Walking With Our Sisters opened at the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Friday and is on display until Nov. 21.

The project has close 2,000 moccasin vamps donated in memory of the women.

Sheila Kennedy, who is involved with the project in Saskatoon, says each vamp represents the unfinished life of a missing or murdered Aboriginal woman.

“When they decided to use the vamps, it signified the incomplete moccasin of the incomplete lives of the missing and murdered sisters,” she says.

She also notes women from all over the world have taken part in the project.

“Women from all over the world are victims of violence and men are usually the violent ones that impose violence against women.”

The vamps are adorned with various materials including beads, moose hair tufting and porcupine quills.

The project was initially organized by artist Christi Belcourt.

A total of 1,372 artists have participated.

The art project was originally started in July 2012.