All six Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority casinos in the province get high marks for responsible gaming.

They have been accredited by the Responsible Gambling Council, which works to reduce problem gambling through awareness and information campaigns.

SIGA vice president Pat Cook says the accreditation is voluntary, but it speaks to SIGA’s commitment to operate in a socially responsible manner.  She says the new accreditation process has not been around that long but SIGA wanted to jump on board.

“This really is a new process that just came out into the market over the last few years and so definitely SIGA wanted to be part of that new development. It just gave us an opportunity to benchmark our program against some of the best practices in the world.”

The standards for the Responsible Gaming Authority are among the highest anywhere.

The SIGA casinos are certified for three years.

The accreditation also includes annual updates for ongoing compliance accreditation standards.

The Responsible Gambling Council is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention.