The television show The Other Side was in Saskatoon on Thursday to investigate paranormal activity at the Park Town Hotel.

The show is made up of intuitive Jeff Richards, paranormal investigator Bill Connelly, researcher Priscilla Wolf and Aboriginal elder and spirit guide Tom Charles.

Charles says although each of the members has a specific role in the investigation, they also work as a team.

“Although I am the elder and the spirit guide, with the hosts I do help with some of the investigations and all of us get involved with that part,” he says.

Connelly also says in the second season of the show they have built upon the team concept.

“This year we are doing a lot more with the four of us, before it would be Jeff and I would go out at night and do an investigation but this year we’ve changed it up a bit, we’ll do the four of us going in,” he says.

Legend has it the spirit of a man who drowned in the pool still haunts the Park Town Hotel and the ghost of a young girl can be heard playing piano at night.

The Other Side has shot on location all over Western Canada, including La Ronge.