The Canadian Rangers group from Wollaston Lake was called into action last week to help the RCMP locate some missing boaters.

A group of three adults and one youth left Barge Landing headed to Wollaston on Tuesday, but ran out of gas and became stranded on an island.

Canadian Rangers spokesperson Captain Steven Parker says the Wollaston Rangers group helped organize a search team and set out on Thursday.

He says poor weather conditions then delayed the effort until Friday.

“We sent out four boats and two different search parties.  And what we do is we make sure there is an RCMP member with each of the search parties, and then the remainder of the people in the boats are Canadian Rangers”.

Parker says they searched a number of islands without finding the group, and resumed the search Friday morning — and that is when the missing boaters were located.

“They had actually got back into their boat and made an impromptu sail using a tarp and other equipment they had and were attempting to sail back to the community, and that’s when the search party found them in the lake”.

Parker says the group of four managed to start a fire and stay warm, spending three nights in the cold weather.

He says this is the third official search this year which involved members of the Wollaston Rangers group.