Several different groups are applauding the provincial government’s commitment to a poverty reduction plan.

The government made the announcement during yesterday’s Throne Speech that opened the 27th session of the legislative assembly.

The Poverty Costs Campaign was on hand for the speech.

Poverty Costs spokesperson Alison Robertson says she is glad to see the first steps being taken toward building a healthier community.

“This is just the first step and there is a lot of work to be done,” she says. “It is very critical to move forward with the poverty reduction plan and to work closely with the government to develop the plan.”

Robertson says although the Poverty Costs Campaign worked closely with the government to get this initiative off the ground, several other groups were also involved.

“All credit is due to all of the people in our community who work every day on these topics…this is a community achievement.”

Another organization who commends the government’s plan is Saskatchewan Children’s Advocate.

Bob Pringle says he is very pleased the provincial government is making a commitment to tackle poverty in a comprehensive way.

“I believe that this will help us advance the goals of the Saskatchewan Child and Family Agenda: children get a good start in life; youth are prepared for their future; families are strong and communities are supportive,” he says.

The poverty reduction plan will be developed over the coming months.