Established and aspiring Aboriginal writers are meeting in Saskatoon over the next few days as part of the Anskohk Festival.

Major Indigenous writers attending the conference this year include Lisa Bird-Wilson, Gregory Scofield and Warren Cariou.

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Writers’ Circle board member Rita Bouvier says this is a great time to be an Indigenous writer in the province.

“Just like with everything, its time has come and there’s been a lot of work, of course, in the community to provide mentorships and to provide those opportunities for showcasing the work,” she says.

Bouvier also says the event provides the opportunity for aspiring writers to learn from more established ones.

“People have the opportunity to meet, you know, different types of writers who are meeting in different genres and hopefully get an idea of not only how wonderful it is but also the work that goes with it, the commitment one has to make.”

The festival is hosted by the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Writers’ Circle and Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild.

The festival runs Friday through Saturday at Station 20 West.