A record number of Aboriginal students are registered at the University of Saskatchewan this fall.

Indigenous enrollment is up 10 per cent over last year with a total of 2,121 students self-declaring as Aboriginal.

The university says one of the reasons for the increase is the institution has made it easier to self-declare as First Nations, Métis or Inuit.

The U of S is also highlighting some of the benefits of self-declaring such as access to specific scholarships and programs.

International student enrollment is also up by over 10 per cent and out-of-province students by three per cent.

New first-time Alberta students in direct-entry programs are up by over 22 per cent and new students from Calgary by 78 per cent.

The U of S says it has a broad strategy to increase student numbers in a variety of areas.

The university’s overall student enrollment has held steady at just under 21,000 students.