The Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism is calling for an investigation into what it calls the use of excessive force by police.

It involves the arrest of 26-year-old Dwayne Lavallee who was tasered, pepper sprayed and bitten by a police dog after a traffic stop last weekend.

Lavallee is facing charges of resisting arrest, attempting to disarm a police officer and assault of a police officer.

SCAR spokesman Bob Hughes says the situation could have been resolved without the use of force.

He argues Lavallee fled because he feared he would be harmed by police.

“We know most officers on the force do their job professionally but what the hell, there was a group of officers there and what were they doing when someone was kicking him in the face,” he says. “I mean people got to stand up because it stains the whole force.”

Lavallee was pulled over during a routine traffic stop last Friday.

Officers found he was in breach of a court order and attempted to arrest him when he fled.

He then grappled with the officer who was pursuing him and was eventually rounded up by a police dog.

Regina police department spokesperson Elizabeth Popowich says the whole incident could have been avoided if Lavallee simply complied with police demands.

She also points out there are remedies if someone believes police have used excessive force.

“Anytime a member of the public has concern about police conduct that person is encouraged to contact us – the Regina board of police commissioners,” she says. “If they are not comfortable going that route, the Saskatchewan public complaints commission is an independent body. It would also receive a complaint directly from a member of the public.”

As part of its new policy on the use of tasers, Regina police are required to file a report any time they are used.

Taser use is also subject to internal review.