Moose numbers remain stable across the province and officials with Saskatchewan Environment say hunters should have a good chance for success this fall.

The number of moose licences available this year has increased by about 200, and the success rate in the southern zones is about 75 per cent.

Wildlife biologist Rob Tether says, unlike deer and some other species of wildlife, moose came through this past winter in good condition.

“Moose are built for cold and came through the winter in good shape, so they did very well and numbers should be similar to previous years.”

Tether says another advantage of a cold winter is a reduction in the number of ticks.

“If we have a very cold winter in the previous year, then the tick situation actually is reduced and so we are expecting a mild year for ticks — so that’s a good thing.”

There have been some changes to regulations this year, including what clothing hunters are allowed to wear during the rifle season and when ATV’s can be used by hunters.

All of the information is in the 2014 Hunters and Trappers Guide, which is now available for download at the Saskatchewan Environment website.