The RCMP says it is investigating alleged derogatory comments made by an officer on Facebook.

The alleged comments are a response to an article about a shooting at the Sucker River First Nation last weekend.

In the comments, an officer is alleged to have said, “all drunk uneducated animals shooting at each other.”

Mandy Maier, an RCMP spokesperson, says the force does have a social media policy.

“Within that policy it says when using social media to consider your actions as it can compromise member’s integrity and credibility as well as the organization’s and this policy covers conduct both on and off duty,” she says.

Maier also says management is aware of the allegation.

“All allegations are investigated and we treat them as a part of an investigation. We speak to complainants and then determine appropriate steps as necessary per situation as a result of that situation.”

Maier says the RCMP will take any necessary actions once the investigation is complete.

The alleged comments were posted on Monday.