SGI and Saskatchewan law enforcement officers are cracking down on unregistered vehicles on the road with a new technology.

An automatic license plate recognition program has been installed on several police vehicles throughout the province.

Prince Albert Police Constable Mike Ozar says the technology automatically recognizes license plate numbers and flashes an alert if they are unregistered.

Ozar says they used to have to manually type plates numbers into their computers to do a check.

“Say we could type in and get ten plates in a five minute period, now we can get ten plates in a ten second period,” he says. “As fast as you can drive by it can recognize (the plate) and flash it up on your screen.”

SGI says it has introduced the technology because of the high number of unregistered vehicles on the road.

Along with unregistered vehicles, the technology can also be used to identify people with outstanding warrants or those who may be driving without a license.