An advisory council of the Fond du Lac First Nation has served notice to the band’s chief that he has been removed from office.

In a letter delivered to Chief Earl Lidguerre earlier this week, the band’s Executive Advisory Council says it has stripped him of his authority following the investigation of a number of complaints about him.

Band chief electoral officer Alex Mercredi says if Lidguerre refuses to vacate his office, the council is willing to take the issue to court.

“We either proceed with the removal procedures — or we can do a court injunction and Prince Albert Court of Queen’s Bench can decide for the people.”

Mercredi says the council has appointed band councillor Rita Adam the interim chief until a byelection can be held.

Lidguerre says he is still the chief because the proper process was not followed. He also questions the validity of the allegations made against him.

“A lot of this is, right now, just hearsay. And I asked the electoral officer to provide me with the documents, the petition or any other form of letters of complaints — and he refused to give me any of these letters or the petition.”

Lidguerre says he is talking to legal counsel about his next move.

Aboriginal Affairs says it has no role in this dispute because Fond du Lac is under a band custom election code.