A new app is making learning a First Nations language easier and fun.

The File Hills-Qu’Appelle Tribal Council unveiled the free apps on Monday.

Tribal council leaders were concerned about youth losing their language and traditions.

The apps are available in Cree, Dakota, Lakota, Saulteaux and Nakota.

The apps provides a number of different ways to learn the language, including games, quizzes and expressions.

The five language apps were created by a Las Vegas language tool company called Thornton Media.

FHQTC Tribal Chairperson Edmund Bellegarde says he hopes this app will help youth stay connected to their language:

“Connecting to our youth is a huge challenge.  Apple, iTunes, iPad, that whole brand is very powerful, but it’s also a tool of technology in today’s contemporary world.  Our young people identify with that.  We’re hoping that this will have a higher level of engagement in restoring and reclaiming our language.”

The File Hills-Qu’Appelle Tribal Council has been working on these language apps since 2011. All apps are available in the Apple app store.