Days of searching from the air, the ground and even the water have failed to turn up any sign of a missing teen on the Ochapowace First Nation.

Seventeen-year-old Kelly Allary was last seen walking down a road on the reserve at about midnight on May 19.  Community search efforts are continuing, but there are no new leads.

RCMP search and rescue are also involved. About 20 members conducted an intensive ground search of the area where Allary was last seen.

They even had a boat in the water checking the shoreline of Round Lake.

Earlier in the week, the Mounties used a plane to do an aerial search.  Despite the efforts, an RCMP spokesman says nothing has turned up.

Today, most of the search efforts are being done by volunteers.

The chief of the Ochapowace First Nation, Margaret Bear, is gratified by all the help — saying it is uplifting to see everyone pulling together during this very difficult time.