It has been eight days since anyone last heard from 17-year-old Kelly Allary.

He is the subject of an intense search effort on the Ochapawace First Nation.

On Monday, RCMP conducted an aerial search looking for clues.

The plane scoured the area where Allary was last seen on May 19.

At the time, he was seen walking down a road on the reserve around midnight.

Chief Margaret Bear says the aerial search has failed to turn up any leads so far.

“From the RCMP aerial search negative,” she says. “So for today the Regina RCMP Search and Rescue Team will be out. They will have about twenty of their members.”

The RCMP will also have a boat in the water performing a search of Round Lake.

In addition to the RCMP, there is a major community contingent involved in the search. Chief Bear says volunteers are coming from both within and outside the community.

“We have had tons of people out this morning and it is so inspiring and encouraging. More people from outside our community are arriving today. We have people from the White Bear First Nation, from the Bear Claw Casino, we have a local mine here and we have about six workers from the mine coming out today.”

Anyone who may have information on Allary’s disappearance is asked to contact the Broadview RCMP at 306-696-5200.