Accolades are going out as the displaced residents of Stanley Mission make their way back home.

A number of government agencies and community leaders all played a role in handling the difficult situation.

Colin King, representing Emergency Management for the province says it was a great  team effort.

“I want to thank of the different provincial government agencies and the community leadership as well as the evacuees for the cooperation and excellent fore thought and strategy, tactics approach and attitude throughout the entire operation”.

Those sentiments were echoed by Deanna Wysoskey with the Social Services Department.

She says community leaders did an outstanding job.

“We relied heavily on the community representatives to help us and they have stepped up in an excellent way and helped us out and really made this operation go a lot more smoothly.”

While the fire no longer poses a threat to Stanley Mission there is still lingering smoke.

The Executive Director of Wildfire Management Steve Roberts says health officials will be monitoring the situation.

“There will be some intermittent smoke in the community, of course it is not heavy because the fire has actually died down, I know the local health representatives will continue to monitor that over the next little while to ensure those that will be impacted by smoke will be managed accordingly”.

The fire which consumed about 49 hundred hectares of forest came within 10 kilometers of Stanley Mission.

Crews finally got the upper hand yesterday bringing the blaze under control.