Officials with the Lac La Ronge Indian Band say the general evacuation order for Stanley Mission remains in effect.

On Highway 915, the only road into the community, only emergency and essential services are being allowed through.

There are two key fronts in the battle to prevent fire from reaching the community.

One is to eliminate the source of fuel that would allow the fire to continue its path towards the community, the other is to prevent the fire from cutting off the access road.

The executive director of Wildfire management for the province,  Steve Roberts says crews are making progress in both areas.

In an update with reporters this morning,  Roberts says back-fires were created to destroy timber that would have allowed the fire to continue moving toward Stanley Mission.

He also says crews have prevented the blaze from advancing any closer to the community’s only access road.

“Those are the two key areas that are posing the threat, one is the fuel that takes it right into Stanley Mission the other one if the potential for having access cut off. So if we can control those, then obviously the risk would be such that the community would likely have a discussion about allowing people to return.”

The 49 hundred hectare fire is about 10 kilometers from Stanley Mission and about 3 kilometers from the access road.

More than a thousand residents have been evacuated from the community while about 6 hundred remain.

Even if the fire is contained, heavy smoke will still be a problem for days to come.