Local flooding is causing some James Smith Cree Nation residents to be evacuated from their homes.

Over the past 24 hours, officials with the provincial government, the band and the Red Cross have been assessing the situation.

Emergency Management Coordinator Bill Marion says the wet weather has led to the flooding of some roads on the reserve.

He says the worst hit area is the southwest part of the reserve where about 11 homes are without water, sewer, garbage and medical services.

Marion says band members will likely remain out of their homes for several more days.

“Looking at the time line here, we need a least a couple of days of favourable weather for the roads to dry so that we can bring out the equipment, and then going beyond that we have at least three days to do these repairs, so really we are looking at the least four days if not five,” he says.

He adds if the wet weather continues other parts of the reserve will be affected and this could lead to further evacuations.