It has now been more than a week and there is still no sign of two Regina women who were last seen at a home where their 53-year-old roommate was murdered.

The body of Ray Yacevich was found in the burned out remains of a home in North Central Regina on March 23.

He shared the home with 41-year-old Rosalyn Faye Wilm and her 22-year-old daughter, Sarah Dawn Wilm.

Regina police spokesperson Elizabeth Popowich says there are concerns about the women’s safety:

“We want to know, first of all, that they’re all right — and their families also want to know that.  We’ve been in touch with members of their family — and they haven’t heard from them and are understandably concerned.”

Police do not know what, if any, involvement the women may have had in the fire — or the death of Yacevich.