The historic Bell of Batoche will be in La Ronge on Saturday evening for a public viewing.

The bell, which was taken from the Métis at the Battle of Batoche in 1885, went missing for a number of years but reappeared at Back to Batoche Days last summer.

The historic bell will be presented by Métis activist BillyJo DeLaRonde.

Harmony Johnson-Harder, who helped organize bringing the bell to La Ronge, says she first met DeLaRonde several years ago will working on a collaborative film project.

The two were reunited again at Back to Batoche Days by another Métis activist Murray Hamilton.

“Murray introduced me to BillyJo and said, ‘Oh, Harmony, do you remember Billy, he acted in the film with us,’ and that’s where I knew his voice from,” she says.

She adds the event will be an important evening for both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

“I can’t speak for all Métis people but the significance of the bell for me is giving back a sense of lost identity.”

The bell will be presented at 7 p.m. at the Kikinahk Friendship Centre.