The Cluff Lake Uranium Mine is getting closer to being turned back over to the responsibility of the province.

Tim Moulding, a manager with Saskatchewan Environment, says the surface buildings at the site which includes the airstrip, have virtually been cleaned up.

That leaves years of monitoring though before parent-company AREVA can apply to be released from its surface-lease and decommissioning work.

Moulding says so far they haven’t seen any samples that show any problems:

“Not at this time no,” he says.

He adds crews will continue to travel to the mine-site on quarterly intervals to take samples from the area.

They’ll be heading up again in late spring.

He adds before AREVA is let out of its surface lease and decommissioning work the monitoring data will be available to the public.

The road to Cluff Lake is no longer serviceable but Moulding says there is no restricted access to the site anymore and that includes Traditional Land-Users.