Last week’s supreme court ruling that stuck down Canada’s prostitution laws is being met with skepticism by one outreach worker in Prince Albert.

Donna Brooks of the YWCA says she’s not sure the decision will benefit women caught in the sex-trade.

On the one hand Brooks says she doesn’t want to think of women being sold but on the other hand she also wants them to be safe.

Brooks thinks one factor that needs to be considered more carefully is how technology has already pushed a lot of the sex-trade underground:

“There’s technology we have today that we didn’t have 20 years ago.  So yeah they can use Craig’s List, they can use facebook, they can use their cell-phones.  There’s so many different ways.”

Supporters of the Supreme Court decision say Canada’s worst serial killer, Robert Pickton, preyed on women in the streets because they were easy to get at.

The new law would call for protections to be put in place to keep that from happening.