Aboriginal youth suicide is a serious issue and the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan is taking action.

This morning in Saskatoon, the MN-S launched the Blue Ribbon campaign, which aims to train people in youth suicide prevention.

MN-S President Robert Doucette says Métis youth suicide rates in Saskatchewan are a significant concern.

“At one time during our administration, over a three-year period, there was over 40 youth suicides in northern communities,” he says. “Can you imagine if that had happened in the city of Saskatoon in a three-year period?”

MN-S Interim Director of Health Sandra Youngchief adds young people will take blue ribbon youth suicide prevention kits into various communities.

“So we chose the blue ribbon because everyone will look at the blue ribbon as hope,” she says.

The kits contain a blue ribbon, suicide prevention manual, DVD and card with emergency numbers on it.