The University of Saskatchewan is trying to get a better understanding of how well supported and respected students feel on campus.

Troy Harkot is the director of institutional effectiveness at the school.

He says they want to find out if any students are being harassed or discriminated against for any reason.

At this point Harkot says he hasn’t heard of any cases, but they will be carrying out a Campus Climate Survey between now and December 6 to find out for sure.

“To get a sense from students whether they’re First Nations, Metis, Aboriginal or International or Domestic, what their perceptions are and what they do feel coming to campus.”

He adds school atmosphere can determine whether or not students want to stay at the institution and the university’s goal is to be a diverse and inclusive place for students.

E-mails have been sent out to every student at the campus.

The results should be known by the spring of next year.