The court case pitting suspended Metis Nation – Saskatchewan area directors and Vice-President Gerald Morin against President Robert Doucette will be argued three months from now.

Lawyers for both parties met today to discuss the new application taken against Doucette.

Lawyer Jay Watson, who represents the 12 suspended members of the MNS, explains the previous application has been abandoned.

Watson says it has been simplified to account for the fact that two contentious meetings have already taken place.

He says their view is that those two meetings purported to do things they didn’t have the power to do.

“First, was a special assembly.  And a special assembly has a very limited purpose and has very limited powers.  That assembly purported to do things it couldn’t do — namely, call an MNLA.”

Watson says since their view is those meetings shouldn’t have taken place, the area directors and Morin should not be suspended.

The case will be heard by a judge in mid-February.