A group of exchange program volunteers with Canada World Youth is getting close to completing its visit to La Ronge.

They have been helping out at places like the Kikinahk Friendship Centre, Churchill High School, the Jeannie Bird Clinic and the Lac La Ronge Indian Band office.

One of the exchange participants is Camila Huerta, who is from a village located in the Andes in southern Peru.

She says there are many similarities between Indigenous people in Canada and Peru, including the variety of traditional languages.

“Like they have little kinds of dialects, and in Peru it is the same with the language, for example the Quechua is like the Cree here and it is different if you go to another place like two kilometers farther, they have a different kinds”.

Another participant is Rosilio Leon from the city of Lima who says people from around the world can access information on how to get involved.

“I found this opportunity looking on Facebook, the opportunity for travel so it is real easy that people apply for this program, look for information we have a front page in Facebook and we also have a Canada World Youth website, they have all the steps there.”

The organization has partnerships with 34 organizations in 19 countries, for people aged 17 to 25.

Organizers are looking for more Aboriginal youth from northern Saskatchewan to become involved in the many exchange programs.