Saskatchewan Trappers are trying out a new business idea this season.

On December 20, 21 a so-called “Trappers Table” will be held in Prince Albert.

The idea was started in Manitoba years ago and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

The idea is a simple one.

Fur-buyers are invited into a building, usually a gym, to set up a temporary business booth.

Once the trappers arrive they are free to take their pelts over to a buyer.

If they don’t like the offer from the fur-buyer they can move on to the next one.

Once the hides are exchanged the buyer will send them out to get tanned.

Brian Hardlotte is a vice-chief with the PAGC who is helping organize the sale.

He says the whole idea is to help trappers get more money for their pelts.

He says everything is being carefully planned out:

“We still have to follow the government regulations when it comes to trapping, a person has to have a trapper’s license in order to sell his fur.  We’ll have conservation officers making sure all regulations are followed.”

He adds traps will also be eligible to be sold at the event as well.