A new music video is out today aimed at helping Aboriginal people in their struggle to free themselves from addictions.

The video is called, “Step by Step”,  it’s a collaborative effort by the University of Saskatchewan and the National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation.

The music video is about pain and lost identify and is based on stories shared by those on the journey to recovery.

Project manager, Barb Fornssler, says the goal was to give service providers another tool to help them better treat Aboriginal clients and at the same time deliver a powerful message to those still suffering:

“We are really hoping it will leave them with a sense of support because there are other people out there who are listening,  who are working their hardest as well to support this journey that everyone is on together and that they will be given a sense of hope that there is a positive tomorrow coming.”

A traditional native elder guided more than 30 service providers and researchers to develop the themes for the song and shoot footage for the video.

Fornssler says it is new way to reach out and share knowledge:

“We just found that in the research world we are often writing papers that are 30 to 60 pages long and often it’s a struggle to get it read and so maybe the best way to share with the community and people who are not in to reading 60 pages is through  a song or a video or a combination of both.”

The video is available on You-tube.

It is a way for service providers to connect with each other  and at the same it reminds those still suffering that they are not alone on their healing journey.