The president of the Flin Flon Chamber of Commerce says he doesn’t have a problem with a new urban reserve in Creighton.

Tom Therien says the Creighton store has only been open for a short time, but so far he hasn’t seen a drop in his own business.

In addition to his duties at the Chamber of Commerce, Therien is also the general manager of the Flin Flon Co-op.

Despite the clear challenge posed to their gas business by the Creighton operation, he says he welcomes the competition:

“It’s absolutely a gorgeous convenience store that they have, looks like they’re a little busier at the pumps and I’m hoping that they have the economic impact that they’re looking for.”

At the same time he says it will be a while before the long-term impact of the store is truly known.

According to Aboriginal Affairs the urban reserve received its designation to reserve status on August 6th of this year.