Teachers, professors and community leaders are in Prince Albert today for the start of a two-day conference on northern education.

Educators from throughout the province’s north are swapping best practices and ideas on how to improve student outcomes.

Co-chair Joe Daigneault says the purpose of the event is to brainstorm ways of improving grades and attendance levels for students.

The current board chair of NORTEP/NORPAC says shaping curriculum, understanding 21st century learning and how to improve attendance and achievement levels are just some of the areas that will be discussed:

“What we’re trying to do is come up with some creative solutions to work at addressing those issues — because the attendance and achievement levels have been terrible in the north, from all of the reports we have been receiving, and that’s one thing we’re trying to address and we’re trying to provide solutions.”

Daigneault adds land-based education, women in trades and a number of other best practices will all be covered.

He also says stories of success will be touched on at the conference, including a literary distinction for La Loche:

“They’ve won an award for being the ‘readingest’ community in northern Saskatchewan for the past three years and they’ll be presenting that as a celebration.”

Dr. Herman Michel, the director of NORTEP/NORPAC, is giving the keynote address.