A 28 year old man who crawled out of a burning house with his unconscious niece in his arms was awarded a bravery medal today during a ceremony at government house in Regina.

28 year-old Marlin Ahenakew ran into a burning house on the Ahtahkakoop First Fation in November of 2011 to rescue his four year-old niece.

“I just did what anyone, I think, would do — given that situation, it’s your brother’s daughter you know?  I think anybody would have done what I did without (hesitating).”

Ahenakew was awarded a silver medal of bravery.

It was bitter sweet for Ahenakew who lost his brother and nephew in the incident.

Another silver medal was awarded to Kelly Straf, a paramedic in Prince Albert.

In June of 2013,  he and his partner, Sheldon Hirschfeld, arrived at an apartment fire in Prince Albert.

They got there before fire-fighters and decided they had to enter the building immediately.

A total of 18 residents were recognized in today’s ceremony.