The Transportation Safety Board is recommending changes in the hopes of improving survival rates in float plane crashes.

The recommendations are contained in reports released following crashes in Ontario and B.C. which took several lives.

Central Region Manager Peter Hildebrand says TSB investigators believe a number of improvements can be made in the area of crew training, aircraft design and safety devices for passengers.

“For underwater egress training for all flight crews engaged in commercial sea plane operations and for all commercial sea planes certified for nine or fewer passengers to be fitted with seat belts with shoulder harnesses on all passenger seats,” he says.

Hildebrand adds the TSB also believes other modifications to aircraft will make them safer.

“TSB made recommendations calling for pop out windows and doors to better facilitate exit of the aircraft and another calling for personal floatation devices for all passengers.”

He says it is hoped the recommendations will some day become mandatory regulations for float planes across the country.