The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission says there aren’t any special conditions that have been woven into the terms of three new mine licenses given to Cameco.

The director of the Uranium mines division, Jean Leclair confirms the licenses are for 10 years each at Cigar Lake, Rabbit Lake and McArthur River.

He notes the decade-long agreements are longer than normal, but says that’s not uncommon these days.

Leclair points out many mines don’t have term-limits at all:

“In comparison most mines don’t actually have a license term, the license is for however long the mine lasts, so the shorter duration mines are actually something we have that’s unique for uranium mines and mills.”

The hearings took place in La Ronge and Leclair says it was good to speak with northern residents face-to-face:

“For those people who were in attendance the commission certainly took all of the interventions quite seriously and asked several questions of the interveners throughout the hearings.”

However some northern residents have said they felt the CNSC made up its mind to renew the mine licenses before the hearing even concluded.

Leclair stresses the CNSC will review each mine’s environmental record on an annual basis.