A group that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs since 1969 is now offering its services to First Nations that want to set up a community action plan for themselves.

The Canadian Executive Service Organization is a not-for-profit group that specializes in equipping people in Canada with the tools to better themselves and their communities.

CEO Wendy Harris says the plan could manifest itself in a number of different ways.

It could involve things like setting up a business, providing coaching to workers on how run a company, strengthening accounting, helping boards of directors establish policies and man others.

She notes it wasn’t all that long ago that CESO helped a young entrepreneur by the name of Shawn Atleo set up a coffee shop and resource company:

“So he was an aspiring entrepreneur. In fact, he described it as having an ‘entrepreneurial itch’, wanted to open his own business, be his own boss, be able to employ people, but he didn’t know where to start.”

First Nations that wish to take advantage of CESO’s program can apply between now and October 18t.