Saskatchewan RCMP believe a man wanted for a multi-million dollar theft from the Whitecap Dakota First Nation has managed to flee the country.

Sgt. Matt Peggs is not saying what, if any, progress has been made in tracking down Hugo Gallegos other than the investigation is continuing and other agencies are involved.

“We have been working with our partner agencies here in Canada as well as some international agencies to locate Mr. Gallegos,” he says.

Gallegos was a senior accountant with the Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

It is believed he used a cheque-cashing scheme to steal more than $2.5 million over a three-year period.

When an audit revealed the theft earlier this month, Gallegos, with his boss in hot pursuit, sped out of Saskatoon in his Cadillac Escalade.

A court has frozen his assets, including a home he recently put on the market in Saskatoon.

RCMP believe Gallegos may have fled to his native El Salvador.

Canada does have an extradition treaty with this country.