Métis Nation of Saskatchewan President Robert Doucette says he wants to clear the air.

The Métis Nation has been embroiled in controversy for close to two months now and at a legislative assembly last weekend, a motion was passed to suspend nine area directors and vice-president Gerald Morin.

At a press conference Friday, the MNS President says he wants to set the record straight that the assembly was not an illegal meeting and Morin and the area directors were suspended democratically.

“You know there has been a lot of documents and Twitter and Facebook postings by vice-president Morin and these nine area directors spreading their opinions of what happened this weekend,” he says. “So I think it’s important for Métis people and to the citizens of the province of Saskatchewan to know what in fact happened.”

Doucette adds the assembly has the constitutional authority to suspend elected officials for non-performance of duties which effectively the group was doing by first failing to calling a legislative assembly meeting and then trying to stop last weekend’s meeting by seeking a court injunction.

A judge will rule on the validity of the court injunction on Oct. 10.