Despite some local opposition, a plan to increase the maximum height of lakefront dwellings on Lac La Ronge is going ahead.

La Ronge town council heard two presentations on the matter at a meeting last night and a bylaw amendment passed second and third readings.

The change will allow structures to be built to a height of 18 metres, up from the current limit of 12 metres.

Mayor Thomas Sierzycki says there is some opposition to the plan but adds council is committed to protecting its shoreline park areas.

“I know that some individuals may not be happy, but council did take a long time to consider the pros and cons of such development and such height increases,” he says. “And, of course, when you’re running a municipality, you’re looking at the overall well-being of everyone in the community and I know the lakefront plays an important part of that. But, unfortunately, there’s a lot of different factors to consider, so it’s a very difficult decision.”

He says the impact on lake visibility should be minimal, since most people can’t see over buildings at the current maximum height.

“Currently, with the height restrictions that are in place, there’s no way that you can actually see past that building unless the topography on the other side is substantially higher and you’re in one of those high buildings,” he says. “So, really, it is a small increase in terms of height but it’s just enough so that other, perhaps, potential hotels or potential developments can come into the community.”

However, the La Ronge mayor says he feels the move will have a positive impact on local economic development by opening up the possibility of condominiums, storefronts or hotels being built on the shoreline.

Sierzycki says the bylaw amendment should come into force by late October.