Applications are being accepted to fill the position of Deputy Chief Adjudicator for the Independent Assessment Process.

The Indian Residential School Adjudication Secretariat has the job of resolving claims from former students.

The former Deputy Chief Adjudicator, Dan Shapiro, was appointed to the head position earlier this year.

Shapiro says the successful applicant will need at least ten years of experience as a lawyer, and will be selected by a committee:

“That committee includes representatives of former Aboriginal students, their counsels, churches and the government of Canada.  The committee has to be unanimous in the selection of a deputy chief adjudicator, so it really does operate on a consensus-type basis.”

Shapiro says the new person hired will help to deal with the huge backlog of IAP cases still to be dealt with.

Saskatchewan has the highest number of IAP claims in Canada at 8,600, and about 4,400 have been resolved.

The total compensation awarded so far in Saskatchewan is about $223 million.

More than $2 billion has been paid out across Canada.