The provincial government has entered into a three-year deal with Ducks Unlimited to purchase detailed analysis of wetlands, including information on caribou, in north-central Saskatchewan.

The federal government recently announced it intends to try and replenish falling numbers of this animal.

Mark Doyle, of Saskatchewan Environment, says the province has agreed to purchase data from Ducks Unlimited which has carried out detailed analysis of an area near Beauval.

This data will be used in concert with the federal plan.

“This enhanced wetland inventory takes that existing inventory and expands that from five classes to 19 classes, incorporating tree cover and productivity,” he says.

Doyle says Ducks Unlimited has used satellite mapping and ground searches to get a more accurate picture of forested areas.

This work will continue over the next few years.

Doyle adds the data will be extremely helpful in showing the government which areas need special protection.