Dozens of Metis rallied in a Prince Albert park yesterday to protest governance issues within the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan.
Darlene McKay is an area director in Prince Albert.
She says the MNS has been given between seven to nine million dollars to create a registry within the province.
She says many of her members complain their cards are often sent back for little or no reason, and it’s causing great concern within the membership:
“My concern is that money should be coming down to the regions and the regions should be registering their own members.”
Glen McCallum is the president of Northern Region #3, he says MNS President Robert Doucette should be showing people like himself the financial statements for the organization:
“I am part of the finance committee. I’ve never had any information, I’ve never seen information.”
He says he and his colleagues have tried to schedule meetings with Doucette and the executive but it hasn’t worked.