Drivers heading north of Prince Albert on Highway 2 no longer have to take a detour.

A section of the road was closed to light traffic earlier this summer because of flooding.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways re-opened the road this morning, although water on the roadway is still an issue.

Drivers are advised to slow down and watch for flag persons.

Highways spokesperson Joel Cherry says it will be a while before traffic is back to normal:

“There is still water crossing the road.  And while the road was closed to light traffic, we were still allowing semis through there — so the pavement took a bit of a pounding between all the moisture and the heavy traffic.”

Cherry says road work has been going on in the area all summer and will continue:

“We have done some temporary repairs, put down gravel in some of the pot holes — but until the water goes down completely, we won’t be able to finish the repairs.”

Cherry also says it is possible that traffic on that section of highway could again be restricted if there is more wet weather in the area.