Bail has been granted to a 21 year-old man accused of causing the deaths of two people in Prince Albert.

Jeremiah Jobb said nothing as the judge told the court he would be granted release on a $2,000 bond.

He pointed out Jobb has no criminal record.

As part of his conditions he will be subjected to electronic monitoring.

The families of the two people who were killed, 17 year-old Brandi Lepine and 21 year-old Taylor Litwin, were visibly upset leaving court.

One woman broke down in the hallway and began angrily hitting the walls.

The July 14th car-crash also left the baby of Brandi Lepine in a Saskatoon

The infant girl was born three months premature shortly before Lepine died in hospital.

Jobb faces two counts each of impaired driving causing death and exceeding .08 causing death.