The leader of the Saskatchewan NDP says he wants government officials to take local input into account when evacuating communities like Cumberland House.

Cam Broten met with evacuees from the community this week and he says local residents of Cumberland House want traditional knowledge taken into account before the government makes big decisions like issuing an evacuation order.

For example, the Saskatchewan NDP leader says local residents say elders and traditional users saw dead fish before the flood occurred.

“This is the type of knowledge we need to ensure that decision-makers and local leaders have in order to make the best decision and we don’t hear that kind of information when you’re stuck in an office in Regina,” he says.

No one still seems to have any answers as to why the dead fish turned up.

Broten says another question residents want to see answered is how saturated the local marsh was before government officials made the decision to release water.

He adds this will ensure the community is in the best position to move ahead.

The Saskatchewan NDP leader also says residents told him they want to see Highway 123 built up higher to withstand future floods.